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Now Offering ARC Copies for Lake Superior Mermaids

Want to read free books? Want to help me chase my author dreams?

After almost two years of being an indie author, I'm finally having an advanced reader copy (ARC) of my books. I'm also putting together my team, which gets the first chance to become read and review my upcoming novels.

The first books I have available are on BookSprout: The Lake Superior Mermaid series with the following tropes:

  • College romance

  • Second chance romance

  • Romantasy

  • Paranormal romance

  • Found family

The series is a new adult urban fantasy with elements of horror and fairy tale retellings, specifically The Little Mermaid.

While the first book (Beneath the Surface) in the series came out in September 2023, I'm offering it to anyone who wants to read a free copy on BookSprout. The second book (Thaw the Heart) will be published in May 2024.

Are you interested in reading my books? Check out my books on BookSprout now:

I'm considering putting my other series on BookSprout because it seems like I can put series on that are already out. However, based on the books I'm seeing on BookSprout, the Castle of Skulls series doesn't seem like it would be very successful. At least, the Lake Superior Mermaid series includes romance.

My other books--the ones who are only written and published by me--are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The ebooks start at 99 cents.

So why am I doing this now? Like I said previously, I've been an indie author for nearly two years. I'm still very new and learning things every day about how to be a successful indie author. This is one of the steps.

Because indie- and self-published authors don't have the backing of a large publishing house, we do basically everything ourselves from writing all the way to publishing, including editing, ARCs, and more. We count on the readers to read and review our books to gain popularity via word of mouth or on social media. We need readers who are interested in helping indie and self-published authors accomplish our dreams.

If you're interested in either reading my Lake Superior Mermaid series or joining my team, click on the links above.

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