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Witches of the Waves

No expected publish date (currently querying)

First Chapters Edits and Query Letter Edits: November 2023 

Manuscript Edit: October 2022


(old synopsis)

Fairy tales meet Pirates of the Caribbean in this stand-alone novel about three sister witches in a heist to take back their chalice of immortality from the pirates who lured them to the Seven Island Kingdoms and the kingdoms that hunt them on the seas.

Beauty: Dahlia grew up a princess in a far-off land with all she ever wanted until a witch cursed her to 100 years of sleep, waking to find that she was turned into a witch. She has lived comfortably for a thousand years, sailing the seas with her adoptive mama, Helga, and her dear younger sister.

Brain: Fantine’s willowy figure allows her to slip through the crowd as she steals from the unsuspecting people, like she has done since she was a child. While she is most comfortable with her head in her book, she can feel her life slowly passing by and can no longer live vicariously through Dahlia.

Brawn: Esther has been with the Hexe family for the last fifty years, leaving her grandmother behind. While her stepsisters and stepmother are off in a heist to abduct a prince, Esther knows she will be the one to get the chalice back. They may live forever, but she counts down the days until she finally breaks free from her womanly bonds.


(older synopsis)

In this stand-alone book, we follow the Hexe family, a group of witches that are bound together by more than just blood. The centuries-old witches cross the sea in search for glory and gold until they are attacked one night by pirates, who steal a magical chalice that keeps them alive. The chalice will be returned as long as the witches' get enough money. After devising a plan, the witches kidnap Prince Mateo for Manuk, using his lover as part of the plan. However, things quickly spiral out of control when the King of Manuk refuses to ransom his son and the prince attempts to escape. This book mixes The Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Grimm Brothers' fairytales while making some fairytales of their own.

Keywords: stand alone, witches, pirates, kraken, magic, fairytale, fiction, fantasy, YA, NA, LBGTQ+, ace, romance, pop culture, popular fiction,

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