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New Stories Coming Soon!

In the past few years, I have been publishing at least three books a year. This year will be different. I have things going on behind the scenes, but I can officially announce two stories coming soon and maybe a story coming in fall.

All of these stories will have some sort of magic--witches, mermaids, etc.--in an urban fantasy setting.

A Ghostly & Witchy Short Story

Coming April 14, 2024, you can read my new short story "The Haunting of Neve Ravensblood" in the charity anthology Third Name's a Charm.

Welcome back the most powerful witch who ever lived. In this villain origin story, Neve is just trying to live her best life while dealing with teenagers in high school. Worse of all, the ghosts she talks to are causing issues. As Neve is bullied again and tries to be the good girl she promised Mama she would be, she tries to fight her growing power and anger, but why fight? What was the fun in that?

"The Haunting of Neve Ravensblood" takes place before the Castle of Skulls series but after "Bloody Mary's Day Off," a short story published Twice Upon a Name.

The What's in a Name charity anthology series is a clean YA short story collection. All proceeds are donated to a charity in support of reading and literacy.

Let's Go Swimming with the Mermaids

The second book of the Lake Superior, Thaw the Heart, mermaid series will be published on May 20, 2024. Pre-order on Amazon and add on Goodreads.

Read the blurb below:

As Waverly slowly awakes from hibernation with the other mermaids in Lake Superior, memories of her last days on the surface crash into her. She races to the shore, searching for Eric and her friends. However, things haven’t just changed beneath the surface.

The weather may be getting warmer, but a chill has occurred between Waverly and Eric after how they left things. At the same time, the mermaids are restless after more pain and destruction have happened to their habitat.

Waverly is being pulled in multiple directions as she tries to fight for her love and for her family, but there’s blood in the water. The mermaids won’t stop until they have their revenge.

Thaw the Heart is the second book in the Lake Superior Mermaids series, which combines fairy tale mermaids with urban fantasy in a college setting.

I published the first book in the series, Beneath the Surface, back in September 2023. Come swim with mermaids in Lake Superior!

The final book of my 2024 will come out at a later date. I'll be part of a spin off series of the Castle of Skull series based on Maisie, Marney's younger sister. It is a YA/ NA urban fantasy series.

The duology will include nature magic, a coven, and more. More details to come later!


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