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Beneath the Surface + Thaw the Heart
(Mermaids in Lake Superior Series)
September 2023

Throughout the summer, tourists flock to the shore of Lake Superior, including the Twin Ports (Duluth, MN, and Superior, WI). When the temperatures begin to cool and the college students return to school, the mermaids rise from the lake for a month of fun, but how much fun can the mermaids have with the mortals when so many rules are placed on them? Mermaids are not meant to excessively interact with the mortals, and mortals are not to be trusted.

Waverly lurks in the depths of Lake Superior, waiting for bodies to be dropped and to serve Mother, but as the years pass by, she stares up the surface: a place she longs go to but isn’t allowed. She remembers a boy who dipped beneath the surface long ago and how she saved his life, and when she returns to the surface, she plans to seek him out. She has a duty to her Mother and her fellow mermaids, but what about her duty to love? What about that boy from all those years ago?

You do NOT need to read the Castle of Skulls series to read this series.

Keywords: Young adult (YA), new adult (NA), fantasy book, fiction, romance, mermaids, Lake Superior, Wisconsin/ Minnesota, family/ sisters, love, violence, Twin Ports, college/ students/ academy, sex/ spicy, mortals, 

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