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Upcoming Books

Sophia-Rose Johnson has been writing since the age of 11. For just under 15 years, she has been writing with little editing and barely any publishing. She has stacks of books written, but editing and publishing are slow processes.

As of September 2022, she has 10+ books in editing, professional and personal, five in writing, and over 100 ideas.


Sophia-Rose writes 1000 words every day, and she's still not making a dent. However, she will continue to write and edit.

Listed below are stories and ideas being worked on with separated pages for those books coming out soon.

Witches of the Waves

MW1 + MW2 (Untitled):

to be published in Fall 2025

In this spin-off series of Castle of Skulls, this duology takes place after the Castle of Skulls series and MinLS series. Taking place a few years after the events of the Castle of Skulls, we follow Marney's younger sister Maisie and her coven in the pacific northwest who is being hunted by a witch hunter. More of Maisie's sisters are killed, and she and her coven sisters search to find the killer while they can.

You do NOT need to read the Castle of Skull series to read this series, but it would be helpful. Both Neve and Marney from the Castle of Skulls series do make an appearance.

Keywords: witches, covens, YA, NA, LBGTQ+, ace, fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, sisterhood, family

The First Queen

no expected publish date

In a matter of seconds with the explosion of a bomb, Rusque’s northern castle crumbles to the ground, killing most everyone inside. Including the royal family. Is this terrorism, a revolution, or something far more sinister from those on the inside?
Riley runs, having set off the bomb that their brother got them involved in. For revolution and death to the monarchy!
Dmitry wakes on the other side of the world, alerted that he must do his duty to protect the last remaining royal family member while his heart aches for the loss of the love of his life, Prince Thomas of Rusque.
I, Princess Scarlett, become Queen Scarlett in a matter of seconds. I am the first queen to be born into the royal family in over a thousand years. Long may I reign!
Filled with action and intrigue that will leave readers wanting more, The First Queen is a young adult/ new adult book that reveals the lengths of power and believing what’s right of three characters who are fighting for justice and a life in Rusque.

Keywords: stand-alone, urban, popular fiction, YA, NA, LBGTQ+, nonbinary, third person, past tense, royalty, romance, loss, grief, power, war

Fae Series

no expected publish date

Books in Process

Note: The stand-alone books and series listed below are in different stages of development, including brainstorming, writing, and editing. There is note timeline on these stories.

  • PHA Series (Untitled)

  • PHB Series (Untitled)

  • Irish Magic Stand-Alone (Untitled)

  • Zombie Apocalypse Stand-Alone (Untitled)

  • Gladiator Epic Stand-Alone (Untitled)

  • 1875 Series (Untitled)

  • Baseball Stand-Alone (Untitled)

  • Ceard de Adhar Series (Untitled)

  • Moonlight Tea Stand-Alone

  • Paige Roberts Series (Untitled)

  • Gothic Horror Stand-Alone (Untitled)

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