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Upcoming Books

Sophia-Rose Johnson has been writing since the age of 11. For 15 years, she has been writing with little editing and barely any publishing. She has stacks of books written, but editing and publishing are slow processes.

As of January 2024, she has 20 books in editing, two in writing, and over 100 ideas. She doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

Sophia-Rose writes 1000 words every day, and she's still not making a dent on her ideas. 

  • Witches of the Waves: Fairy tales meet Pirates of the Caribbean in this stand-alone fantasy novel about three adopted seawitches on a heist to steal a prince and get back their chalice of immortality.

  • Untitled MW1 + Untitled MW2: This duology, part of the Castle of Skulls and Lake Superior Mermaid series, follows witch Maisie in a Pacific Northwest coven in an urban fantasy setting. First book is expected to be published Fall 2024.

  • Right on Track: This sapphic contemporary romance follows Kenzie, also known as Teacher's Pet, and Josephine, a workaholic. Meeting on New Year's Eve, the pair have a chance meeting at a roller derby bout in Minneapolis.

  • The First Queen: In a matter of seconds with the explosion of a bomb, Rusque’s northern castle crumbles to the ground, killing most everyone inside. Including the royal family. Is this terrorism, a revolution, or something far more sinister from those on the inside? Riley (they/ them) runs, having set off the bomb that their brother got them involved in. For revolution and death to the monarchy! Dmitry (he/ him) wakes on the other side of the world, alerted that he must do his duty to protect the last remaining royal family member while his heart aches for the loss of the love of his life, Prince Thomas of Rusque. I, Princess Scarlett, become Queen Scarlett in a matter of seconds. I am the first queen to be born into the royal family in over a thousand years. Long may I reign!

  • Untitled Fae Series (six books): Two fae come from different courts. Having never met, when she sneaks out on night and meets him in a Nightclub, their futures are changed as the past threatens to tear them apart. This is a six-book series is 120,000 words each in a dual POV, like ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas.

  • Untitled Brides of the Vampire Queen Series: This eight-book novella series evolves around a group of sapphic polygamous vampires in a fantasy world.

  • Returning to Work After a Zombie Apocalypse: A zombie virus is infecting the world's population slowly, and a group of housemates work to survive.  

  • Untitled PH Series 1: Fanfic turned fiction, anyone? Romance. Royalty. A regular girl.

  • Untitled PH Series 2: Fanfic turned fiction, anyone? Romance. Royalty. A regular girl.

  • Untitled Sapphic Gothic Romance

  • Untitled Dark Romance MC (ghostwriting)

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