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College-Based Writing

This is broken up into two section, all writings were done in college for classes: academic writing and screenplays.

Academic Writing

Throwing Ladders

For a profile for class, I interviewed and shadows the Superior Fire Department of Superior, Wisconsin. I chose to profile the SFD because my father was a captain for the Golden Valley Fire Department. Spending a few hours with them, I found the SFD to be a family and exactly how hard their work can be.

Rhetorical Analysis of the Movement Cocks Not Glocks: Put Your Penises Away

For a rhetoric class, I researched the movement of Cocks Not Glocks, which comes out of Austin, Texas. The movement focuses on why in the United States guns are not obscene but dildos are. In this comedic approach, I analyzed the movement and their arguments, as well as I analyzed the counterarguments.

Rhetorical Analysis of Political Feminist Icons and Two Double Standards: The Feminism of Two UK Prime Ministers and One German Chancellor

I researched three female politicians in Europe through a feminist perspectives. Both Chancellor Merkle of Germany and Prime Minister May of the United Kingdom are compared to Prime Minister Thatcher of the United Kingdom, as well as both current politicians deal with gender stereotypes in the public eye and how the countries own visions of feminism causes such the difference.

Research Paper: Is Feminism Seen Negatively in Germany?

In this essay, I researched feminism in Germany. My research was based on literature review and a survey taken by actual Germans. I based "feminism" on the basic definition. The survey questions focused on region in Germany, mothers who had degrees and Chancellor Merkel. I decided to research this question because I had traveled to Germany many times and saw first-hand how feminism is in Germany.


Lehrer Teacher

American Margaret is studying abroad in Berlin, Germany, and every day, she takes the U-Bahn to university. Every day, she sits next to the same man who wears grease and other passengers refuse to sit next to him with upturned noses at a migrant. Every day, Margaret sits next to Khalid, where she practices German, and he practices English. Slowly, they become friends and allies.

Cops and Robbers

After the mysterious deaths of their grandparents, siblings Lizzie and Liam are sent in to clean up the home of the hoarder grandparents by their parents. The summer is hot and long, and there are secrets hiding in old fridges, 1950's radio and under floor boards. It turns out that Lizzie and Liam never really knew who their grandparents were.

Mourning in America

It was a day like any other a local university, when suddenly gunfire breaks out. While they never thought this would happen, Maya and Hillary hide in a computer lab with the computers buzzing and the lights turned off. Hillary and Maya must decide to continue to hide or fight their way out as every new scream and gunshot proves that the shooters is getting closer. 

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