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Fight for Darkness
        co-authored with Susan Stradiotto

Kane’s raging beast thrives in the cage. Malin’s thirsts for revenge.

Technical knockouts are MMA fighter Kane MacLeod’s trademark move. His match tonight proved that point again, and now he’s strolling to the club to celebrate when a ruckus in a dark alley stops him in his tracks. The darkness obscures four fighters save for dark smoke and bright flashes. How the—wait . . . is that magic? No way! A small woman spins, crouches, and kicks faster than Kane can track. She’s holding her own, but he can’t leave her at the mercy of three large men. What if that was his sister?

Malin’s sole purpose: destroy the slime who killed her sister. Every night, she enters the Daylight Realm to hunt. She stalks among the humans unseen, searches, fights, then slips back into Darkness before dawn. Her coven begs her to accept her sacred duty, but she owes her sister. Malin carries the burden of Myla’s death, and until she slays Godric, everything else can wait.

Kane MacLeod’s life is in the cage. His one truth since he left high school in the eleventh grade, and he’s done well. Two more fights, and he’ll leave the cage—and Wickney—for good. But first, he just needs to see that his mother and sister are set for life.

Both fight for darkness, but how can they deny themselves when Darkness itself keeps throwing them together?

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PDF version of the

USA Today Bestselling List

Fight for Darkness
a USA Today Bestselling Book
as part of the Realm of Darkness boxset

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