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The Penumbra Books co-authored with Susan Stradiotto

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Fight for Darkness

Kane’s raging beast thrives in the cage. Malin’s thirsts for revenge.

Technical knockouts are MMA fighter Kane MacLeod’s trademark move. His match tonight proved that point again, and now he’s strolling to the club to celebrate when a ruckus in a dark alley stops him in his tracks. The darkness obscures four fighters save for dark smoke and bright flashes. How the—wait . . . is that magic? No way! A small woman spins, crouches, and kicks faster than Kane can track. She’s holding her own, but he can’t leave her at the mercy of three large men. What if that was his sister?

Malin’s sole purpose: destroy the slime who killed her sister. Every night, she enters the Daylight Realm to hunt. She stalks among the humans unseen, searches, fights, then slips back into Darkness before dawn. Her coven begs her to accept her sacred duty, but she owes her sister. Malin carries the burden of Myla’s death, and until she slays Godric, everything else can wait.

Kane MacLeod’s life is in the cage. His one truth since he left high school in the eleventh grade, and he’s done well. Two more fights, and he’ll leave the cage—and Wickney—for good. But first, he just needs to see that his mother and sister are set for life.

Both fight for darkness, but how can they deny themselves when Darkness itself keeps throwing them together?

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Praise for Fight for Darkness

"I couldn’t get enough of Malin’s and Kane’s story! It drew me in from the start and kept me enthralled. This is a tale of vengeance, magic, and love. It is a standalone but is part of a series. Spice is 3.5 🌶. Check trigger warnings always!"-- Goodreads Review

"I can't begin to express how much I loved this book. It is my favorite book of the year so far. I loved the characters so much. Kane is a professional fighter who is deeply scarred by this past. He has this rage inside him always clawing to get out. Malin is a dark witch who can only think of revenge until she meets him. I absolutely could not put this book down. It sucked me in from the start. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves fantasy romance. They even have cute little familiars."-- Goodreads Review

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Hunger for Darkness

Monsters are real! But do they live in Darkness . . . or Light?

Kiera Macleod’s childhood fear of shadowy beasts has become reality. Falling for a dark witch was the last thing she could have imagined, but since her head injury, Conrí has been at her side. He’s the one who nursed her back to health. But the worst part of discovering real monsters is that they are her protectors . . . and she is one of them.
Kiera’s brother has joined the Dragan Garda
í and fights for Darkness alongside Conrí, the man she wants so badly it hurts. She faces a choice: a nursing career she’s worked hard to build or saving her mom with Conrí at her side. He wants more than she can give, and the gnawing in the pit of her stomach says he’s dangerous and she’ll lose herself. If she tries, will she go crazy like her mother?
Conrí has been part of the Dragan Gardaí for nearly two centuries, and his coven duties have always come first. Until Kiera. He couldn’t leave her side while she recovered, and now, she is becoming a healer in Darkness, a child of the Dark goddess herself. She accepted her fate to save her mother, but could she find a way to accept him too?

Content includes graphic violence, sexual situations, and topics that may be of concern for those with mental health conditions, eating disorders, or body-image issues. 

Conquer the Darkness COVER.jpg

Conquer the Darkness

The final battle between Light and Dark. A prophecy fulfilled.

A family, fighting to be together. Revenge never tasted so sweet.

Love conquered the Macleod berserkers. But can it take to join Darkness and Light?

Kiera Macleod is pregnant and missing. The coven of dark witches has tried everything to find her, and they’re out of answers.

Conrí is crazed to find his mate. Fate brought them together once, but he’s not sitting around and waiting for that again. He’ll go through anyone and everyone to find his one true love.

Kane is desperate to find his sister, but he must trust his mate and new coven leader, Malin. She saved his life once, so now it’s his turn to save her.

Malin missed her chance for revenge, but now, she’ll stop at nothing to make Godric pay for his sins, including enlisting the Fae.

Conquer the Darkness is a Dark Fantasy Romance, filled with action and adventure, interfering gods, dark witches, dragons (dragans), the Fae, and some meddlesome gods and goddesses.

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Realm of Midnight-eBook.jpg

Poisoned Darkness in the Realm of Midnight Boxset

He's survived years of battles, but will he survive peace?

Wounds run deeper than flesh, and Torin can't find enough self-worth to Tierney like she deserves. With the Semaphors finally destroyed, there is safety in Darkness. Torin watches from the shadows as the dark witches celebrate after years of loss and pain, but he faces an invisible foe more menacing than those the coven has defeated.

Tierney loves her life in the Penumbra, as a warrior, and as a coven member. Its' what she's dreamed about she was abandoned as a small girl, but lately, something has changed. The Penumbra has transformed. Babies  have been born, couples have mated, and the new witches have arrived. Tierney loves Torin, but he's pulling away from her.

When Torin disappears from the Penumbra, Tierney isn't sure if she should follow. The Penumbra is her home, but Torin could be her mate. Her one true love. Is it fate or her choice to follow him?

Poisoned Darkness, a spin-off novel from the USA Today Bestselling novel Fight for Darkness and the accompanying Macleod Trilogy is a standalone adventure of love and trust across realms.

Upcoming Spinoff Series

Born in Darkness

      Publish Date Unannounced

Bound in Darkness

      Publish Date Unannounced 

PDF version of the

USA Today Bestselling List

Fight for Darkness
a USA Today Bestselling Book
as part of the Realm of Darkness boxset

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