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Castle of Skulls Series

Castle of Skulls (Castle of Skulls #1) (Cover-B).png

Eighteen years ago, her mother was burned at the stake for being a witch. Having grown up alone, hated by the town and misunderstood by the world, Neve has become the most powerful witch of her time. By when a man, who wears others' skins, threatened to take her title and change the world she's always known, Neve must decide if it's a fight she's willing to have. Filled with action, comedy and a whole lot of swear words, this is Castle of Skulls.

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The Castle of Skulls Counts her Souls…

Neve is on the run. Iain Skinner has tried to kill her and will try again. It’s only a matter of time. He wants her powers and her skulls, and he’ll take her skin for them.

Needing somewhere safe to hide, Lee takes Neve to Scotland and to his mother’s coven in the Highlands. But Neve is being hunted by ghosts and by a woman, who is there at every turn, including her dreams. Her magic can only help her so much and her magic so far. Can Neve save herself from Iain Skinner? Will she be able to protect those around her?

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Counts Her Souls (Castle of Skulls #2)- Full Name.jpg
By She Who Is Death-Touched (Castle of Skulls #3)- Full Name.jpg

The Castle of Skulls Counts Her Souls by She Who Is Death-Touched.

Neve is alone. Blood covered. Tired. Returning to Minnesota, Neve doesn’t know where to start again. The war has started, and witches are dying. Neve doesn’t want to be next.

When Marney shows up with an idea to stop the war, Neve is thrust back into the witchy world that has tried to kill her more than once and only wants to use her as a weapon. It seems like everyone knows everything about her, and she knows nothing about her own power. Mortals and witches are after her, but who will get to her first?

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Praise for Castle of Skulls

"The protagonist, Neve, has a sassy, unapologetic, and badass personality, which appears even in the most serious moments, leaving me laughing when I should be concerned for her mental stability (seriously, her familiarity with a chainsaw is questionable in the best way)."-- Goodreads Review


"Neve is a badass. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in book 2!"-- Goodreads Review

"While the FMC is bad*ss, she also needs therapy. Instead of dealing with her issues, she chooses to steal skulls and takes power while mortals hate her. Enter murder, beheading, and skinning, and you've got a very snarky and powerful witch. Check trigger warnings! Quick, entertaining read."-- Amazon Review

"Gripping start and fast-paced read. Thoroughly engrossing. Tons of amazing imagery."-- Amazon Review

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