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My First Post!

It said to add "catchy" title, but I definitely did not.

Some updates on my writing:

1) I'm trying to get back into more of "Castle of Skulls." I had written the trilogy and then moved on, continuing to write 1000+ words a day. However, I then got distracted by two spin off series of "Castle of Skulls." (Can you have a spin off series when the original isn't published?)

2) I have submitted "Castle of Skulls" to 11 literary agents, and I know that's not a lot. I've only received rejection, which I expected, but I didn't expect to receive no feedback or things that I could improve upon. Something that I knew I needed to work on is the first 10-15 pages, also known as what the literary agents ask for. It obviously wasn't clicking with them, which I could disagree with because it was no longer clicking with me.

2a) Originally when I began to "Castle of Skulls," I was at a summer internship and didn't have work. My writing really reflected the state of mind and physically where I was. Over the years, I tried to update it but mostly kept it the same. I wasn't saying that it was at all perfect, but I thought it was a good start. Obviously, it wasn't.

In those first few pages, I really need to bring out what makes my book special and different. I need to describe who my main character is, what she can do, what her issues are and what her setting is like. (Those are very basic things.) Where the book starts is much different from where that book ends or even when the series ends. As well as, the original beginning didn't make the main character of Neve likeable at all. (Honestly, you aren't really supposed to like her, but that doesn't make for always a good story.)

2b) I went and rewrote the beginning several times. Now that I know the ending of the book and the series, I thought I had a better jumping off point. It took three tries for me to pick and choose a new beginning, and I still don't know if it's a good beginning. (I've yet to submit to a literary agent with this new beginning, and I'll probably receive just as many rejections if not more. However, I'm more confident in the beginning.)

3) I finished this round of editing on "Castle of Skulls" in a matter of two days. (It was the weekend, and I've edited this book at least five times before.) (I originally started writing this series back in the summer of 2019.) I don't know where this motivation came from, but I had a burst of it.

4) I uploaded the full story to Wattpad. (Can I put a link in here? This is my first blog post. I don't know.) This is the link:

4a) When I uploaded the original story on Wattpad, barely anyone read it, not that I can blame them. (It wasn't that good, and I was only on Wattpad for fanfic anyway.) I had over 1000 followers at the time, mostly for my Prince Harry fanfic. (I'm not proud, but I'm not ashamed of it. You can still read it.)

4b) I have reuploaded the story, but I doubt people will read it. I haven't been on Wattpad for a year and had lost quite a few followers. (I still can't blame them.) I think I put it out there more to give myself a reason to continue on with editing.

5) I was going to begin to edit CofS2 tonight. (Name pending because I can't decide how extra I want to be.) But then I got distracted by making a blog, even though no one is going to read this. (We'll see how much I get into editing tonight. I already wrote 1000+ words on my current book, so I feel accomplished enough.)

So, here has been my first blog post, world.


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