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Kicking It Into High Gear: The Realm of Midnight Box Set on Kickstarter

Are you a connoisseur of heart-racing romantic fantasy? Do tales of otherworldly passion set your heart aflutter? If so, prepare to be enchanted by our Kickstarter campaign for the Realm of Midnight collection!

As the clock strikes midnight and the veil between our world and the mystical thins, step into a domain brimming with gods, shifters, fated mates, alpha heroes, angels, demons, and untold wonders.

Our collection spans four spellbinding hardback volumes:

  • Envy & Ecstasy (why choose): A dance of desire and danger

  • Dragons & Druidry (fantasy romance): Where fire meets fate

  • Myth & Mystique (fairytale retellings & mythology): Legends reimagined

  • Fang & Fury (PNR): A bite of the forbidden

These treasures are Kickstarter EXCLUSIVES. Seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own tales spun with magic and passion. Claim your copy before they vanish into the mists of time.

Read our book in the Myth & Mystique collection:


Why Kickstarter?

We have an amazing collection of stories ready for you. With your help, we can bring these volumes to life, cover the costs of premium hardback printing, exclusive cover art, and rewards for our backers.

This collection is not available anywhere else and will only ever be available together this one time. This is your opportunity to own a piece of fantasy and paranormal romance history.

Journey through over 5,000 pages of epic storytelling from a mix of USA Today and international bestselling authors, as well as up-and-coming talents. 

Take the Pledge

Pledge now to support this unique collection and enter a realm where darkness and light clash, where love finds a way even in the shadow of the supernatural. The Realm of Midnight is waiting for you.

Thank you for your support and belief in this project.


Background of Realm of Midnight Box Set

Susan Stradiotto and I wrote the stand-alone novella Poisoned Darkness after we finished the Macleod Trilogy. The story follows Torin and Tierney after the final book in the trilogy. As part of the Realm of Midnight box set, our books gained a new audience and some great readers.

Originally, the box set was billed to try to make the USA Today Best Sellers list. In 2023, there were changes with the list and even disappeared at one point. The box set did not gain the USA Today Best Selling title, but we did gain more readers, which is a positive! Half the battle is getting someone to pick up your book and give you a chance.

In an attempt to stretch into something new, some of the books from the Realm of Midnight box set--those authors who wished to participate in the Kickstarter campaign--joined forces to create this campaign to gain new readers offer an alternative to the eBook format.


Help Your Indie Authors

If you're looking to support us, pledge to our Kickstarter.

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