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Coming June 6th!

Well, it's official! I am self-publishing my first novel called "Castle of Skulls" on June 6th, 2022.

With the announcement today (5/17/2022), I have had a whirlwind of emotions, both excitement and anxiety. For me, I find it much easier for random people/ readers to read my work instead of friends and family, but I know come June 6th and throughout the summer, my friends and family will be the ones to pick up my ebook and read it. Do be kind to me. I put on a good show, but oofda!

Today, I did quite a few things. I figured out how to publish on Amazon, which I will wait 72 hours for it to be approved. Once approved, then "Castle of Skulls" will be available for pre-order. As I was going through the preview of the book, I was unable to fix some errors, and as a perfectionist, I will try not to let it bother me. As a writer, I've learned that at some point, you have to let it be free.

Once Amazon is ready to rock 'n roll, then I will be working on getting "Castle of Skulls" set up on Barnes and Noble. Apple Books has been requested, but I don't know anything about it. We will seen. Also once Amazon is set up, then I will set up my author profile and books on Goodreads so that my books and I are more easily found.

I have also made a Facebook page and changed over my Instagram to make an author-friendly profile. It will still be my personal profile because Instagram is my favorite social media platform.

Prior to choosing self publishing for "Castle of Skulls" and the series, I did attempt to go through the traditional publishing route with literary agents, but unfortunately, I didn't receive any positive follow-ups. I have hope for the future with future books, but as for now, I will continue on with self-publishing.

I have other books in the works too!

Stay tuned for more :)


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