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Thank you for visiting USA Today's Bestselling author Sophia-Rose Johnson's page. She is a published author of a fiction and fantasy books with strong female leads and magical elements.

Published Books

Castle of Skulls (Castle of Skulls #1) (Cover-B).png

The most powerful witch who ever lived stealing skulls, taking power, and running from the mortals and witches who want to either burn her at the stake or use her as their personal weapon.
Castle of Skulls is a new adult, urban fantasy and horror trilogy of books with a short story about Neve Ravensblood featured in the Twice Upon a Name charity anthology.

Counts Her Souls (Castle of Skulls #2)- Full Name.jpg
By She Who Is Death-Touched (Castle of Skulls #3)- Full Name.jpg
Twice Upon a Name-Ebook.jpg

Welcome to the Penumbra, cast in eternal darkness. Mixing Celtic mythology, and witches, dragons, our protagonists--Malin, Kane, Kiera, and Conri--take on the false light and define their own fates before the gods.
The Macleod Trilogy is a dark fantasy, paranormal romance with other books taking place in the same world to come.

Conquer the Darkness COVER.jpg

In this loose Little Mermaid retelling, mermaid Waverly wishes to be on the surface and seek out a boy that she first met she when she was child. However, the surface has a hard time living up to her expectations, and mortals are more complicated than she ever thought.
Lake Superior Mermaids is an urban fantasy romance duology taking place in the Twin Ports of Lake Superior and is in the same universe as the Castle of Skulls series. However, you do NOT need to read the original series before Beneath the Surface.

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