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Thank you for visiting USA Today's Bestselling author Sophia-Rose Johnson's page.

She is a published author of a fiction and fantasy books with strong female leads and magical elements.

Castle of Skulls (Castle of Skulls #1) (Cover-B).png
Counts Her Souls (Castle of Skulls #2)- Full Name.jpg
By She Who Is Death-Touched (Castle of Skulls #3)- Full Name.jpg
Fight for Darkness Book Cover.webp

Sophia-Rose Johnson, who has also written under the pen name S. Johnson, is from Minnesota, USA, and she is a northerner by heart and accent. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2018 with a writing degree, and she argues about commas constantly. While she first published in 2022, she’s been writing since 2011. When not working at her day or night job, she enjoys reading, hanging out with family and friends, playing with her dogs, making sarcastic comments, being a fake blond, chugging energy drinks, and wearing high heels as a tall woman.

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